Phase #1 of Operation Burnham Beeches headed up by Vue de monde chef, restaurateur and director Shannon Bennett along with business partner Adam Garrisson is now complete. The state-of-the-art Burnham Bakery and the adjoining Piggery Café are both in full swing and baking enchanting in-house breads and pastries. Our brilliant bakery team are also supplying several other big-name restaurants including Rockpool and Bistro Guillaume, plus all other Vue Group outlets.

The Piggery Café has been designed in a warm and rustic manner with touches of modernity. Working with global architecture firm Woods Bagot, the design of Burnham Beeches is focused on creating a venue dedicated to the promotion of the best of Australian culture across all facets of heritage, architecture, food, art, hospitality and inspiring landscape.

In time, Australia’s longest chicken run will be built at Burnham Beeches plus a 16-cow automated dairy, along with the steakhouse, microbrewery and piece de resistance, the European-style food/hospitality/residential hub that aims to be Australia’s first six-star luxury retreat.

Outside a slew of tables rest under heating strobes looking out to lawn bowls, croquet and bocce pitches. Look even further across the 23-hectare estate and into the distance and you’ll spot the 500-tree trufferie, extensive vegetable gardens (now providing organic produce for Vue de monde and assorted Vue Group restaurants) and an emu enclosure with the grand ambition of sourcing the eggs to use in the Piggery Café dishes.

We will succeed in making Burnham Beeches the world’s first complete gourmet retreat that is harnessed by nature and complemented by human understanding. A deep compassion and respect for the environment that surrounds us is key in driving the Burnham Beeches vision.

Here at Burnham Beeches no chemicals or harmful farming practices are used across any inch of the deluxe property grounds. We want our small, engaging parcel of 66 acres to provide us with as much a story as it does food.

Think of it as sustenance for the mind and soul.


The sourcing of sustainable and ethically-caught or harvested produce has an increasingly growing audience of consumers. Examining every morsel that we digest has never been more important and taken on such significance as we all move towards a more sustained level of healthy living. Food is not just fuel but a way of living that fuels happiness and contentment. Burnham Beeches is all about a “live to eat, not eat to live” type mantra.


The Burnham Beeches vegetable garden consists of six acres under cultivation. Using biodynamic practices led by head horticulturalist, Robert Proudlock, the rich volcanic soils of the surrounding Sherbrooke Forest and its sometimes harsh temperate climate, there is no better place for seasonal vegetables to be nurtured. Our job is to totally embrace every facet of the garden-to-plate doctrine.


Piggery Café by name and Piggery Café by nature we use premium pork cuts across both of our breakfast and lunch offerings. Our streaky bacon comes to you from the fine, free-range folk of Greenvale Farm . Free from antibiotics and growth hormones, Greenvale Farm meats are tasty and tender. Note: Our pet pigs Bubble and Squeak will never be harmed in the making of Sunday lunch unless they give up the truffles.


Tasmanian fisherman Mark Eather is a guru in the field of fishing innovation with the man’s seafood attracted using the Japanese method called Ike-jime. Ever thought of fish being seasonal and only caught by a single hook with just the old manner of man holding a rod? Our goal is to cease longline fishing and deep-sea weighted fish trawling and eventually have it banned in Australian waters. It can be achieved.


The Blackmore’s were the first family in Australia to breed 100 percent pureblood Wagyu cattle. For those playing along at home, Wagyu is a type of Japanese beef cattle that has been adapted to the harsh and sometimes brutal Australian farmland conditions through decades of commitment. Forget the fillet of beef as being the best cut, try the chump, forget fat and smoke masking real flavour, try and eat it raw.


Our lamb and wallaby is sourced direct from Flinders Island in Tasmania. The flavour and texture of this milk-fed and saltgrass lamb plus the pasture-fed wallaby is enhanced by the strong, salty sea winds that blow across the Roaring Forties section of Bass Strait. They call it Umani. We call it heaven. You'll just love our Flinders Island lamb korma pie, with split pea, cumin, mint and crushed cauliflower lunch offering.


Five Senses procure their beans directly from brokers according to fresh crop and harvest cycles and relationships are also forged directly with the growers. Bean selection is rigorously scrutinised in the Five Senses Lab. Five Senses are engaged in a number of direct trade projects contributing to the long term sustainability of the coffee industry in places such as Bali, Papua New Guinea and Sumatra.


Third generation dairy farmer Simon Schulz raises Jersey and Friesian herds on special pastures that are fed by the generous climate across the west coast of Victoria. Schulz Organic Farms produces quality dairy to develop biodynamic milk that is carefully pasteurised and unhomogenised goodness, second to none. We are chuffed to have them aboard at Burnham Beeches and you will be too.


Five generations strong and based in Campbelltown, Victoria since 1865, Burnham Beeches is proud to be associated with the guys from Powlett Hill Their biodynamic flour makes Burnham Bakery fly. Woods Organic Farm and Flour Mill is yet another impressive provider. Based out of Moree in upper western New South Wales the milling process here is ultra -modern. Laucke is another quality product we use.



1 Sherbrooke Rd, Sherbrooke VIC 3789 ‎
(03) 9691 3858

Normal Opening Hours:
10am to 5pm Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday
9am to 5pm Public Holidays

You are welcome to reserve any of our lawn bowls, bocce or croquets courts for $10 per person per hour.

For groups of 1 – 8 guests we invite you to come along on a casual walk-in basis. Group bookings are available for breakfast and lunch for parties of 9 – 24 guests, where we will serve a family-style shared menu for the table priced at $35 per person for breakfast, and $50 per person for lunch. Children between 4 – 10 years of age are welcome to dine from a reduced menu priced at $15 per person.

Afternoon tea reservations for 2 – 24 guests are available from 2:30pm daily, where we serve a selection of petit sandwiches, scones and a selection of sweet treats with tea or coffee for $35 per person or $45 with a glass of prosecco on arrival.
Please contact our reservations team on 03 9691 3858 to enquire about availablity.

For groups of 25 guests or more, please contact our Vue Events team at Send Mail

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Please note there is a 15% surcharge applicable on all public holidays.

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